P.S. Venkatesh wanted to create an end-to-end bike rental company that is fully automated and also environmentally friendly. He planned to start the first few pick-up hubs in the Chennai Metro stations which needed last-mile connectivity for the passengers. Howdy bikes envisioned a system that allows the users to pick up bikes from any hub and drop the bikes at any hub which make it simple and easy for the end riders

Problem Faced

To achieve the vision of creating a world-class fully automated bike rental company, Howdy Bikes needed an end-to-end technology platform to manage everything from riders to booking to availability to billing and bike security. The solution would also have to integrate with external systems like Google Maps and Bike IoT solutions to manage the end-to-end operations, fare estimations, and avoid bike theft.


To create an awesome world class and scalable end-to-end Bike Rental platform for Howdy Bikes with seamless booking, keyless pickup and drop process, real-time tracking, accurate fare estimation, remote immobilization and 100% bike security.


MacAppStudio designed and developed an end-to-end bike rental platform for HowdyBikes with iOS and Android apps for riders, an android app for hub managers, and an admin dashboard for administrators of the full platform. The platform development was focused on a great UI/UX design, performance, security, and scalability.

The rider can view the bikes available in their nearest hub and seamlessly book the bikes, and scan the QR code of the bike to start it without keys using an inbuilt IoT system embedded in the bikes. The rider then can leave the bike at any drop location and the exact fare will be calculated and charged to his account. The riders also get additional options like helmets etc as value additions for the riders.

The platform has a hub manager app and also a web-based admin dashboard to manage hubs, bikes, and fares. The dashboard also has other modules for user management, pricing management, banner management, reports and analysis, and other modules to control the end-to-end operations of the system.

The main feature of the platform the integration of the app with the IoT system embedded in the bike which allows the app to control the entire bike operation like start, stop, speed control, fuel levels, distance possible for fuel remaining, and remote immobilization.


  • Kotlin

  • Swift

  • Objective C

  • HTML

  • JS

  • PHP

  • MySQL

Current Status

The platform was launched in Mar 2020 and has delivered over 20,000+ rides in a very short period. The fact that is aids in the last mile connectivity for the Metro in Chennai city has been appreciated and encouraged by the media and other organizations. The seamless bike rental experience and the low fares have attracted thousands of riders and making this the leading bike rental platform in Chennai.

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